Fans Comments

The work of dAKOTA...drives me into drooling ecstasy...combining paintings with simple emotion;du moment partagé... (Livre d'or exposition Petit Bois )

... glorious colour pics...(Sud-Ouest
on "Exposition Au Petit Bois")

Dream of a dream...hauntingly lovely landscape and meeting (Ouest-France on "Views
from a French Painter")

dAKOTA's superb works have captured the staggering variety of the landscape (Five to Seven on "Views from the Hills")

"he is the perfect master of technique,catches a ray of sunshine,a flower,a reflection on the water or a morning mist with the sure hand of a great painter, Fuck what a painter, an ARTIST!" (Le Matin)

"Johnny and I cannot begin to thank you enough.We LOVE all the paintings!They are better than we could ever imagine.Your artistic eye shines through in all the of the pictures." Johnny and Heather Beck

"A rencontre can be a particularly hard event to capture, it's a very intimate moment between two people yet becomes very public. Dakota was able to capture both the private, intimate moments in her unique way and also celebrate the gathering of so many friends and loved ones. Our picture was and will continue to be a wonderful visual record of such a special day, thank you."
Nina and Henry Petersen.
french vers
Paris-born DAKOTA is a widely travelled painter with lot of highly acclaimed paintings to his name, as well as numerous reportages in magazines such as Sud-Ouest, La Charente Libre, Hard and Heavy, NY Indie art rock, Marie Miami, Met Home, Club et concerts. His keen eye for life, people and light has taken his on fruitful journeys to USA, Africa, Italy, Spain, England and France where several of his creations have been centered.

Now living in BEGLES (France),he has incorporated portraits into his site, bringing to them the same sensitivity and observant eye, capturing the magic moment. DAKOTA is currently working on a new projekt named BROKEN DAKOTA.

You can find the paintings of dAKOTA at :


45 Avenue Bel-air, CAUDERAN cabinet Baspeyrat

Bedin Agence 141 Avenue Montaigne, SAINT MEDARD EN JALLES

KARL restaurant 6 Place du Parlement, BORDEAUX

W.A.N. Galerie rue des Lauriers, BORDEAUX